In search of Europe

A journey through Europe in search of visionaries

In Search of Europe, is inspired by the chaos of our continent in crisis, by the breakdown of old systems and by the exciting possibilities of new practices.

This summer Lucas De Man travels through Europe looking at the past and towards the future by relating historic to contemporary visionaries. Lucas invites filmmaker Ruut van der Beele and journalist Tomas Vanheste to join him on this exploration. Tracing the footsteps of historic visionaries will allow them to examine how Europe is founded on the discovery of the free-thinking individual. To understand where this free-thinking individual is now and where we could go in the future, they will also meet and speak to young inspiring contemporary visionary artists and social/cultural creators.

In June 2015, Lucas, Ruut , Tomas, Tom and Kimberly  travel from the Netherlands to Belgium, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. The journey through Europe and all the meetings will be documented on film and in writing as part of the travel journal. These materials will later be used to create a theatre show (premiering at Boulevard festival 2015), a documentary film (premiering on Exploring Future Europe Festival 2016), and  art installation CLOUD (premiering Boulevard/JB500 festival 2016).